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Jakub Geltner


Kotva 1
Nest 05, 2015, urban space installation, Sculpture by the sea Aarhus, Denmark
The Bookshelf: a study, 2015, video installation, computer generated animation
Nest 07, 2015, permanent installation, Chateau Třebešice
A progressive artist who won’t thank you for your attention, 2014, installation, Entrance Gallery, Prague
Too big to be seen, 2011, video loop
Kotva 2

Exhibitions at NEVAN CONTEMPO

10.11. – 22.12. 2018

Jakub Geltner: Coverversion

k/c: nevan contempo

Jakub Geltner

Born 1981 in Karlovy Vary, lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic



2007 – 2013, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
2010 – 2011, Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, South Korea
2001 – 2004, Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Prague, Czech Republic

Awards and competitions

Australia Invitation Prize – Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus, Denmark, 2015
Finalist – ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2013, Futura Gallery, Prague, 2013
Finalist – Prize NG 333, National Gallery in Prague, Prague, 2011
Finalist – Prize Exit 2011, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem, 2011
Finalist – Prize NG 333, National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic, 2010
First prize – Billboard Competition, 3rd Festival of Art on Billboards Art Moves, Poland, 2010

Solo Exhibitions

Nest 05, Public space installation, Sculpture by the sea, Aarhus, DK
WORK, DON’T PLAY, Karlin studios gallery, Prague, CZ
A progressive artist who won’t thank you for your attention, Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ
Blueberry-Lemon Street, Lauby gallery, Ostrava, CZ
Project 01: phase II, Billboart Gallery Europe, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
Nest 04, Public space installation, Sokolov, CZ
Nest 03, Public space installation, Ostrava, CZ
Nest 02, Public space installation, Libechov, CZ
Nest 01, Public space installation, Prague, CZ

Group Exhibitions

Generation Smart, Gallery of National Technical Library, Prague, CZ
Od podlahy, Emil Filla Gallery, Ustí nad Labem, CZ
Ptolemy’s childern, Gallery of National Technical Library, Prague, CZ
Additional Links, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, DE
Addendum, Red Gallery, London, UK
ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2013, Futura Gallery, Prague, CZ
Blind Spot, National Technical Library, Prague, CZ
Diplomanti AVU 2013, National Gallery in Prague, Prague, CZ
Expedition RPSP, GAVU, Prague, CZ
Hi5!, House of Arts Brno, Brno, CZ
Festival Fluidum III, Gallery K4, Prague, CZ
Gif Festival 2012, Entrance Gallery, Prague, CZ
Expedice RPSP, GAVU, Prague, CZ
Intruder, Building of former Electricity Company, Prague, CZ
Finalists, National Gallery in Prague, Prague, CZ
Cena Exit 2011, Emil Filla Gallery, Ustí nad Labem, CZ
Přídavná spojení, National Technical Library, Prague, CZ
Temná schránka, GAVU, Prague, CZ
Across Today, National Gallery in Prague, Prague, CZ
Art Moves Festival, 3rd International Festival of Art on Billboards, Toruń, PL
Shadows of Past Utopias, Gallery of National technical library, Prague, CZ
We Are Waiting for the Perfect Wave, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, AT
I would like to have your problems, Langhans gallery, Prague, CZ
Lidové utopie, New building of National Museum, Prague, CZ
Underground City, Divus Unit 30, London, UK
Born 1989, St.Andra church, Graz, AT
Sketchstorming, Austrian Cultural Forum, Prague, CZ
Free Pivo, GAVU, Prague, CZ

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